Headboard Made Of Paddles With Cedar Posts

Headboard Made Of Paddles With Cedar Posts

There is something exciting about Amazon's Handmade offerings. At first, I figured it would be along the lines of other craft websites, but it is a dedicated line of high-quality handmade products for the home. Take for instance this Headboard Made Of Paddles With Cedar Posts. It is so unique and such a great use of rowing oars. It is a charming piece that is great for a kid's bedroom or a summer cabin bedroom.

This is queen-sized made with unfinished number 2 pine and cedar . They are screwed to cross members. The cross members are screwed into the two-bed posts. There are other headboards available which are painted but I chose the unfinished one so I could paint and finish it to match the bedroom the bed is placed in.

This headboard can be used with any queen-sized frame. It adds a personal touch and is well-made and the pine smells delightful. It does need some assembly before you can attach it to your desired bed frame but the product comes with detailed instructions. You will need to supply your own screws to attach it to the frame but this is really easy to do.

I already love how it fits in perfectly with the theme of the bedroom. I have to confess that sometimes I am a little snobby when it comes to furnishing my home. I might find furniture that I like at a chain furniture store and buy it. But, sometimes I want the furniture in my home to feel unique and not like it is something that anyone can get. This is the perfect piece for my home and for my particular tastes.

As I mentioned, there are headboards made with the paddles that come painted in a variety of nautical colors like blue, red and yellow. I chose the unfinished headboard because I could make it my own with a coat of paint and some polyurethane. I love that it is something I added my own touch to.

The frame is 64 inches wide and 59 inches tall. It fits our queen frame perfectly. It shipped well and the instructions that come with it are not just detailed but they are handwritten. This adds even more to the product's special qualities. I have seen that other people who have ordered this particular unfinished one enjoyed getting the handwritten instructions, too.

I have to give Amazon credit for starting the Handmade section of their website. Many people, myself included, are very careful about buying products for the home. If they contain reclaimed wood or repurposed objects they are that much more special. To see that there are so many artists out there that are being thoughtful and responsible and are using recycled items is exciting. This headboard is made of new wood, but it is so unique and thoughtful in its design that it really got my attention.

I also love that this piece was something that I could make more of my own. There are times when I buy things like extra patio chairs for when I'm entertaining outdoors. That's fine if I buy them inexpensively at a chain store but for something like a bedroom, I prefer unique pieces like this paddle headboard.

I should mention that I painted the headboard before assembling it and attaching it to the bed frame. I imagine you could paint it once it has been put together, but this way each piece gets coated thoroughly with the right amount of paint.

What I love about it, even more, is that if I feel like changing the d├ęcor of the room, which I do from time to time, I can disassemble the headboard from the bed and repaint it or stain it a different color. This is a great piece and it is beautifully built.

It is well worth the money that I spent on it. I believe you can ask the artist who builds these to custom design a headboard for you. So, if you do not see exactly what you want from their Amazon listing, just contact them and they will be happy to work with you to get you a headboard just the way you want it.

When you place your order be prepared to wait about a month for your order to arrive. I was able to be patient because I knew that the artist was busy creating my headboard for me right after I placed the order. This is another touch that I love.

I can buy chain store furniture for some things but when I need to let my inner furniture snob have its way, I prefer to buy a custom-built piece like this nautical paddle headboard. In all seriousness, it is a beautiful item and I am extremely pleased to own it.